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I offer a casting service specialising in small batches and one offs, producing good quality castings in variours alloys using the lost wax process, ideal for the model engineer and restorer. Any enquiries and more details can be found on my web site. www.abbeycasting.c......
Call Steve Cox on 07836 736496 or email for quote. Machinery removal and transportation service based in West Yorkshire, UK coverage. Crane can lift 1100kg at 1.2 metres and 420kg at 4.0 metres. Vehicle can carry 1100kg on 10 foot x 7 foot flatbed.
Now using flatbed Transit with rear mounted…
I am the grim reaper I will clear your home workshop for cash ,sweep up on the way out,after drinking your tea. Always wanted, Myford ML7 & Super 7, ML10 Lathes.Other small lathes and milling machines wanted The good, the bad or the ugly. Read more for contact details. ...
Jurassic Tools here:-- https://www.jurass... Selling small Engineering tools to Modelmakers and Engineers alike. Drills, taps, spindle tooling, Carbide inserts, Collets, milling and turning tools, carbide and HSS cutters and lots more, take a look. Several thousand items available. Hope you find something of interest. ...
STEAMPLATES produce high quality polished and enamelled name plates  etc. in Brass and Aluminium from 1" x 1/2" up to 96" x 48".  Reproduction steam related name and other plates can be made to FULL  SCALE.

We also make other…
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Scammers: Judge not by what the say, but what they do.

Fri 14th Feb '20

Advert ID: 37183

It's good that people are on the look out for scammers, but I'd suggest judging someone not by what they say, but what they do - and focus on SELLERS, not just BUYERS.... I'd be tempted to focus more on sellers when shopping classifieds.

Never accept or send payment by bank transfer or PayPal "gift" or "friends". As a seller, these can contrary to what some believe be reversed, sometimes months later, you've no idea where the money is coming from (a credit card, western union, escrow, all these can be reversed). As a buyer, if your item never turns up, you've not got a leg to stand on, you can't reverse a transaction out of bank account.

If you're not dealing face to face, use Paypal - as a seller accept the small fee, or add it on top and as a Buyer, offer to add the fee on top, I'm always very suspicious of anyone who refuses PayPal if I'm paying the fees, I usually offer to add a little extra on top for the inconvenience, and if they still refuse then I know they've got something to hide or bad intentions. PayPal gives the buyer and the seller security. The only instances I've heard of sellers having funds returned by Paypal is in the case of lost, damaged or faulty items, especially where faults - cosmetic or otherwise haven't been detailed - there is no such thing as "sold as seen" - you have to be transparent or roll the dice.

A note on "lost" items, proof of delivery outside your own country is rarely reliable or accepted, I speak from experience. Also, only ever post to the address shown by PayPal on the transaction, I have returned payments in the past and asked people to resend payment with the correct address set in Paypal if they ask for something different (there are rules to the protection/insurance included with paypal, this is just one of them)

Also, don't accept Paypal if someone is collecting in person, cash is king.

I hope this might be useful, I know a lot of you like bank transfers, its really not a good habit I'm afraid, it opens the door to alot of issues, and because typically the older generation prefer it, sites like this get targeted by scammers looking to capitalise on this. don't let them!
Name of Scammer: Prejudice Pete
Scammers email: email


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